Great Western Society 47XX Project
Recreating Churchward's final masterpiece

Do you have any 47XX parts that you are prepared to donate or loan?

If so, please do Contact Us with details.

Helping and getting involved with the Project
Website by Knowles Cadbury Brown
There are many ways you can help the project, as well as contributing to the archive of knowledge regarding the 47XX class 2-8-0 mixed traffic locomotives.

1. Donate Any project to build a main line steam locomotive is fantastically expensive and we need a regular flow of income to make it happen. Donations of any size are always most welcome as every single penny will bring the day closer when we can again experience a Great Western 47XX in action.

We now have the facilty for you to make an instant, secure donation online, or to download our appeal form if you would like to make a regular contribution by setting up a Bankers Order. Click HERE for details.
2. Contribute your skills Although you don't need any specialist skills to make a really worthwhile contribution to our working parties at Llangollen or Didcot, we would particularly welcome young engineers.

For those who are interested we can provide training and we plan to use the 47XX Project to help keep traditional engineering skills alive.

If you would like to get involved, email
3. Offer your parts We know that many original 47XX parts still exist as cherished mementos of the age of steam. But how much more valuable they would be if fitted to a working locomotive!

If you have any 47XX parts that you are prepared to donate or loan to the Project, suitable, lasting acknowledgment will be given. 4709 will be more genuine as a result and you will know that you have helped to save us precious funds by not having to manufacture the part new.
4. Tell us your story Do you have personal experience of working with the 47XX 2-8-0s - as a driver perhaps, or fireman, fitter, cleaner?

If you do, we want to hear from you! Our project is about much more than just building a locomotive; we aim to create an archive of information about this famous class, and a central part of that will be the recollections of the people who used to work with the engines.

So let us know what you did. In the first instance write to Paul Carpenter,
c/o 47XX Project, Didcot Railway Centre, Didcot OX11 7NJ, or email Paul

We hope to publish the most interesting stories in a special new section on this website.